The voice of São Tomé e Príncipe – Pedro Lima “Maguidala”

This feels like a good follow-up to the Lusofonia post. Pedro Lima was the “people’s voice of São Tomé e Príncipe”, the most iconic singer on the island. This release was originally recorded in 1985 and is a reissue from the Switzerland-based Bongo Joe (Les Disques Bongo Joe) label. The album has been hard to find, commanding high prices. It features Lima with his backing band of 20 years, Os Leonenses, on 2 Puxas (upbeat) and 2 Rumbas (mellow), all nearly 10 minutes long. Lima passed in 2019, after a long career that started in his teenage years and spanned up until his death.
If you’re a vinyl person, there are still some copies available via Bandcamp as of this writing. Probably worth picking up!

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