Nenny “Tequila”

New single from Cape Verdean-Portuguese artist Nenny. The 18 year-old singer, songwriter, and rapper is making big waves and enjoying success and critical acclaim in Portugal since 2019, following the release of various singles including “Dona Maria” (about her mother) and “Bússola” (a catchy and literal f*ck you to general haters set to a mellow and infectious afrobeats track), and major festival performances there. A proponent of mental health and self-love, Nenny refuses to be boxed in by genre and categories, singing and rapping genuinely and unabashedly about personal experiences, and embracing trap, reggae and afro rhythms in her music. It looks like Nenny is about to win over more of the world with her Colors performance.
If you read Portuguese, check out this March 2020 interview.
If you understand Portuguese from Portugal, this interview is worth a watch.

Listen to Nenny’s debut EP “Aura” (2020)

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